WHAT: Comprehensive hospitality training programs designed to efficiently, effectively and economically train concierges and front line personnel with practical courses essential to career success.

WHY: To meet the needs and demands for well-trained personnel who understand and can deliver ultimate guest service.

OUR MISSION: We invite you to join us in a united mission… “To increase the awareness, utilization, profitability, and integrity of those in customer and guest service roles. To showcase Service Excellence through the development and placement of front line personnel and management who represent the highest standards of Guest Service in the hospitality and other industries where customer service makes a difference.”

› Guest Service Training & Development

  • Showcase and develop service excellence in managers and front line personnel.
  • To identify issues and their relation to the guest experience , tailored to senior executives, managers and/or front line employees
  • To better manage the attitude and motivation of employees

› Concierge Training & Development

  • Basic skills and career training tools for the concierge profession.
  • Continuing education for professional concierges.
  • Creation and organization of concierge services for a variety of business environments.
  • Private training and development for individual concierge roles.

› Guest Experience Management

  • Develop consistent, constant and standardized management of customer/guest service and the employees who deliver those services.
  • Define and manage the Guest Experience to surpass guest expectations.
  • Develop the highest standards essential for ultimate guest service and service excellence.

› Service/Profit Enhancement Programs

  • Profitability analysis of concierge and other guest service roles.
  • Development of tracking systems for guest service impact.

› Service/Quality Needs Assessments

  • Research and analysis of existing service delivery and needs of guest environment.
  • Customer/guest surveys and interviews.

› Guest Experience Mapping

  • Evaluation and design of comprehensive guest experiences in various hospitality environments.
  • Analysis of all touch points involved in the delivery of any guest experience.

› Hospitality Marketing & Communications

  • Communication and media relations campaigns directed to external markets.
  • Internal communication programs and cross training for service excellence.
  • Website development and protocols for ultimate service delivery and guest relationships.
  • Image development on service themes.

› Service Performance Audits

  • Customer/guest perception studies, à la mystery shopper.
  • Customer/guest surveys, written, phone and in person.
  • Data analysis of customer/guest feedback tools and responses.